Technical Specifications

Within 48h from your request, we will confirm the availability of the accommodation. Within 2 weeks, we will definitely confirm our service: please note that each package requires a minimum number of 4 people (unless otherwise indicated). We will then send you the details for the payment (deposit and balance).


At the time of reservation it is possible to add a Cancellation insurance.

Please provide a valide ID document. 

25% deposit to be paid at the time of reservation, with money transfer or credit card, or the entire payment in case of booking during the 30 days before check-in.
Total amount to be paid 30 days before check-in, with money transfer or credit card.
Details for money transfer:
SportNature Travel srl
Corso Rosmini 76, 38068 Rovereto (TN), Italy
Payment description to include the following: Type of offer, check-in date, number of people, surname
IBAN: IT75 S080 1635 0900 0002 3394 259
Bank: Cassa Rurale Alto Garda, Via Marconi 4, 38065 Mori (TN), Italy 

The following charges will be made to Consumers who withdraw from the contract for reasons other than those set out in article 7 of the General Terms&Conditions (calculated on the total amount of the package booked)
• from 30 days before the check-in: 25%
• from 29 to 21 days before the check-in: 50%
• from 20 to 14 days before the check-in: 75%
• from 13 to 5 days before the check-in: 90%
• after: 100% 

Please note that: 

• the optional cancellation insurance is never refundable
• no refund in case of no show or if you decide to leave earlier than the scheduled check-out
• no refund in case you have to renounce due to lack, or invalidity, or incompleteness, of the required personal identification documents or expatriation. 

Cancellation and Substitution policy in the General Terms&Conditions. 


The overnight stay is always in double room (except for the Family packages).

It’s possible to require a single room or another kind of accommodation (at an extra cost).


You will need a car to get to the meeting points. We rely to a network of carefully selected accommodation, away from crowded destinations, but just a stone’s throw from the most stunning locations and at a convenient distance from all the meeting points.

We can organize a transfer, at an extra price, to be defined at the time of reservation (minimum 10 days’ notice required). In case of no/late notification, this will depend on availability.

Things to bring

Summer: credit card (as a refundable deposit to rent the e-bike), trekking shoes, bike shorts (for the e-bike tour), gloves (e-bike, via ferrata), k-way, swimsuit, suncream, flip-flops, beach towel, backpack and water bottle.

Winter: sport gear for the activities indicated on the program (if rental is not included), credit card or ID for rentals, swimsuit, backpack and water bottle.


At the end of the experience you will get a certificate, as each activity is offered as part of an official training course, either at basic level or expert level.


With your booking you declare to be in good health. Serious health issues must be notified at the time of reservation. SportNature Travel will not be responsible for problems caused by unreported health issues.

The gear is carefully checked before and after each activity. SportNature Travel is covered by insurance and all our guides/instructors are certified and offer you the highest possible level of safety. But we cannot completely exclude all risks. With your booking, you understand and accept the unexpected risks of outdoor activities and agree to renounce any claim for compensation or damages against guides, instructors or SportNature Travel.

In case of bad weather/safety reasons we offer alternative activities, notified the day before and included in the price. For example: MUSE (Science Museum – Trento); Mart (Modern and Contemporary Art Museum – Rovereto); Malcesine castle and Monte Baldo cable car; orienteering in Trento and Marzadro distillery for grappa-tasting; climbing in Arco (Rock Master, covered outdoor climbing-wall), castle and old-town visit; orienteering in Verona; karting; cultural tours and degustations of local produce. It’s also possible to require tailor-made alternative activities, at an extra price.


You will receive an information document with the order of activities and their locations. SportNature Travel, however, reserves the right to make changes where necessary and these will be explained to you during the welcome buffet, on your arrival day.

SportNature Travel will not refund any unattended activity, even in the case of bad weather (or if you decline our alternative activity).

Exceptionally, if you do not feel like doing a certain activity you can join another group to do an alternative one (SportNature Travel reserves the right to assess the situation). 30 days’ notice needed. In case of no/late notification, this will depend on the availability of our guides.

Please be on time. In case you are more than 30 mins late, our guides/instructors will start the activity without you. You can reach the group on your own, but SportNature Travel will not be responsible for any activity without the presence of one of our guides/instructors.

You can book extra activities at an extra price for your free day. 15 days’ notice needed. In case of no/late notification, this will depend on the availability of our guides and partners.

If you are traveling with a child less than 6 years old, we can design a customized week (30 days’ notice needed). In case of no/late notification, this will depend on availability.


Typical gastronomy is an important part of our offers.

Breakfast is the responsibility of the chosen accommodation, even if SportNature Travel has made the booking on your behalf.

Any food allergies must be notified at the time of reservation. In case of no notification, we will try to accommodate your requests but cannot guarantee to do so.

At the end of the week you can purchase a selection of our local products (home delivery included).


We offer pet-sitting at an extra price (10 days’ notice required). In case of no/late notification, this will depend on availability of staff.


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